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GoPro Hero 3, the real Sport Camera Hero

As you may already know, Go Pro Hero 3 is the latest current sport camera, they have 3 variant, White, Grey, and Black. Since I’m a first timer to use this Go Pro, I bought the cheapest camera from their US website. For your information It’s so disappointed that the price for Go Pro in Singapore is almost double price compare to US, so it’s best to buy it online.


What I like about this camera? I already have a DSLR, so why do I need this camera? The answer is: This is different, dslr is for professional, and this is for fun or sport. The white edition can record up to Full HD 25 fps video which is fine for me. and it can save still image up to 3fps at 5Megapixel. The Black edition is insane: record up to 4K Movie (4 times higher than Full HD) and 30fps at 12 Megapixel still camera, and the price for Black edition: is double than white edition, the grey edition specs is in between.

Other interesting feature from this camera is build in wifi and waterproof up to 60meters. This two features is quite crucial for me since other $200 camera out there cannot have this 2 features. By having wifi feature it means you can control your gopro wirelessly, it also can be use a spycam. From it apps it can view the viewfinder, do record/change the setting, etc. Waterproof function you can use this camera for swimming or even diving.

Some videos:

If you interested to buy this camera, can buy from this link: GoPro Hero 3