Watching Netflix outside United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, United Kingdom and Ireland for Free

netflix As you already know, Netflix is an American provider of on demand Internet streaming media for one low monthly price.

If you already familiar with the service you will probably don’t want to see your traditional tv station or cut your tv cable connection. Why? It provide you bufee style movies at one low price monthly, yes as low as USD 8 per month you can watch everything they have. It’s not the latest box office movie you can expect but at least you have something when you have nothing to do. What i like the most is the Documentary section and Foreign movie genre.

For you who stay on the country i mention on the subject; there’s no problem at all to enjoy the benefit, but if let say you’re an asian and want to get benefit of this, you cannot watch, because they check our ip connection, ip ouside the country above Netflix will block the service

So how do i enjoy the Netflix? Of course you need an Credit Card for payment and computer to watch. The free portion i mention on the subject is 1st one month, subsequent it will deduct from your credit card automatically. It’s no problem that you don’t have US Credit Card, you can key in any valid credit card.

 tunlr The method i’ll explain here is a simple, you just need to change your DNS setting on your computer setting, there’s no harm at all to do this.

Just change the the primary (preferred) DNS IP address is: and the secondary (alternate) DNS IP address is: then you open netflix again. Bang! you can register and login to the Netflix ecosystem.

Last paragraph i want to say, if you already setup your account on Netflix, you can connect your PC to an projector or bigger TV. If you have an Apple TV it’s even better. the technique is the same, modify the DNS on your IP and set your iTunes account using US itunes, Netflix app will appear and you can login as easy as you’re in the states. Have a try and let me know if you have an problem.

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