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The traditional approach to surveillance using a camera is the CCTV. The main disadvantage is that CCTV cameras cannot work by itself. It has to be connected to a DVR (digital video recorder). There are several problems related to this.

Firstly, there is the issue of installation as a CCTV camera is typically connected to a DVR using a BNC cable. This requires the installation with trunking which is not only costly but unsightly. Secondly, in order to connect the CCTV camera and DVR to the internet, additional cabling is required. In addition to installation cost and messy cabling, this solution has the same problem as the need for complicated settings Finally, the issue of maintenance and shifting. If you move the cameras from room to room or location (such as shifting house, office or shop), you’ll need to reinstall everything all over again. Meaning additional time and cost.

Hence the CCTV solution is only used in offices and shops which have high budget for installation (over S$1000) and situations where the installation is permanent. Since there is also the problem of cabling, it is not suitable for home or office owners who are particular about interior design.

With the advances in technology, there are now 2 better solutions. They are the IP and web cameras. The most common known benefit of an IP and web camera is the ability to view live video over the Internet from anywhere in the world. This offers the advantage of monitoring a location or property while you are not physically there to observe activity for suspicious behavior. Overall, the IP camera gives the best value for money.

The web camera works by connecting to the PC through a USB cable. It’s a cheaper solution. However, since the web camera needs a computer connected, it’s not flexible for most applications. The IP camera, on the other hand, can work without a PC. It costs a little bit more but is very flexible as it only needs to connect to your wired or wireless network. An IP camera has a built-in ability to connect to the internet so no additional hardware or software is required. The camera can be accessed through Internet Explorer. Additionally, our IP camera can be accessed on Android phones and iPhone. Overall, again the IP camera gives the best value for money.

Camera access from Android devices:

Camera access from Apple iPhone/iPad devices: